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ISBN#: 978-1-60394-151-8
July 2008
New Concepts Publishing
187 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lizzy is finally free of the Felmonts. Since her mother married Viscount Felmont and contracted syphilis, her life has revolved around nursing first her mother and then her stepfather. She was also forced into an engagement, but now she is an heiress and if she can just escape, she will be free.

Dace, now Lord Felmont, has always loved Lizzie but just does not know how to show it. They started out wrong with Dace throwing her into the lake, but now that he is forced to marry her, he is determined to make the most of it.

Lizzy Tempest is determined not to die the horrible death of her mother and stepfather. The entire Felmont family seems to be unable to control their lustful tendencies, leading them to madness and death, and she wants no part of it. But her family forces her to marry the head of the clan. Dace, or the Beast as she calls him, will have to remain faithful or she will leave him, and Dace is determined to make her love him.

This novel revolves around an epidemic that most historical romances avoid mentioning. Syphilis was a huge problem of the time and there was no cure until the discovery of penicillin. Death was awful, being accompanied by madness, and I do not blame Lizzy for being afraid. Dace is just as fearful, but as cursed by his family as he is by his nose. He is also restricted by a pretty ridiculous pact that his wife invented. The other characters are very well done, particularly Angel Anson. This is a very dark tale that lightens as time goes on. The author uses the darker side of post-Waterloo English life and all of its warts for a pretty wonderful love story that I will definitely read again.

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