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ISBN# (10): 0-553-38510-0/ (13): 978-0-553-38510-6 Paperback and (10): 0-440-33739-9/ (13): 978-0-440-33739-3 E-Book
December 26, 2007
Delta Trade (Division of Random House)
Bantam Dell, 1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Paperback and E-Book
$13.00 U.S./$16.00 Canada
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Part One: Seven Days of Kama Sutra

Lillian is approaching the age of forty and has never really made many of her own decisions. Her good friend, Caroline invites her to a high class resort, at first Lillian is not certain she should go, but her friends’ friendly persuasion changes her mind.

Rajan is the Kama Sutra lover that Caroline has scheduled to spend time with Lillian. He is to show her the time of her life. One thing Rajan insists is that she feels comfortable with him and gets to know him. Whatever she desires, he is to make her wish happen.

Lillian is looking forward to some delightful pleasure and pampering at Exotica, even though part of her feels a bit awkward. The resort has five ultimate fantasy worlds to choose. Lillian’s life has been a sham and now it is time for a change. Caroline tells her that Exotica is almost like an adult Disneyworld. Lillian is self-conscious about her body. Only her ex saw her naked and even his remarks were unkind. Lillian cannot believe she is actually going through with this fantasy adventure. As soon as Rajan enters her room, his deep, husky voice, along with his strong body to match, sends shivers through her. Rajan is all man and Lillian finds it hard getting use to the pampering. The two begin a sensual seduction that not only pleases Lillian but also Rajan. He wishes to take all her pain away but when it is time for her to leave, Rajan does not know if he can just allow her to walk away when he has fallen deep for her.

Okay this story is sizzling hot. Keep some mitts or ice bucket handy. Lilli does not have enough self-esteem to make her feel beautiful or sexy. I admired the way she gave in to her desires and fears, allowing Rajan to take her in his control. She is like the clay, and he the potter, molding her in a way to prove her self-worth. Ms. Bradley pens this story, sensual, hot, forceful and a downright mind-blowing read.

Part Two: Nine Days of Arabian Nights

Caroline Winter is the manager of Exotica, a luxurious retreat. Her job is to prepare the best fantasy for other women that will truly satisfy. She believes she should indulge herself and live out her own fantasy.

Kian Razin is thirty-six-years-old of Jordanian descent and pure male throughout. He is dark, exotic and will be Caroline’s choice for her fantasy. He can charm any woman in many ways but he sets his sights on Caroline.

Caroline is kicking around new projects in her head. There are some issues in her past that bother her, so she figures to get past them she should take her friend, Lillian’s advice, just do it. Since Caroline persuaded Lillian to follow her fantasy, and it turned out fabulous, Caroline accepts her own challenge. After studying the file on Kian, Caroline cannot get him off her mind. After years of keeping her sexuality all wrapped up, she feels it is time for a little indulgence. Kian inquires about his client and Caroline informs he will be working with her. It gets to the point she cannot even concentrate on her work anymore after being with Kian. She knows she will soon have to break it off with him. The closer they get to the end of the days of their fantasy, she questions if employee and employer can really have a lasting relationship.

This read is really blazing. I absolutely loved the ending, a nice twist. Once again the reader is touched with the characters as they both have a past secret they wish not to disclose. I could not help but keep my fingers crossed that Caroline found love finally in her life. She and Kian make a terrific pair. Ms. Bradley draws unforgettable characters that leave an impression with the reader.

Exotica is a scrumptious read. Both stories carry a message that one can relate. Learning to trust, trying to get over the past, or even trying to gain the self-esteem back that one may have lost because of hurtful comments from another can be found in both these tales. To find a love and have love that brings joy into the heart, Eden Bradley has done an incredible job with her characters. Her prose is like a sculptured work of art. She always hypnotizes the reader and brings a tale that is hard to put down.

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