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ISBN# 978-1-60370-163-1
October 2007
Torquere Press
40 Pages
Contemporary, GLBT
Rating: 3 Cups

Vincent goes about his business as if he is invisible, drifting through crowds, his presence noted and quickly dismissed. His jobs, although sporadic, are lucrative, his abilities well rewarded. That all changes when Oscar Kavanaugh says hello, he actually sees him. Feeling an attraction, long thought dead, Vincent starts noticing Oscar everywhere. Is it Coincidental?

Oscar Kavanaugh is attracted to Vincent and when he starts to notice him around he subtly lets him know of his interest. Seeing Vincent at the hotel where he works gives him ample opportunity to seduce him. When Vincent tries to decline the invitation, he knows he has gone too far or has he?

Vincent, noticing Oscar’s reaction to his rejection, softens and accepts with trepidation. Needing answers to the questions suddenly swirling around in his mind, Vincent plies Oscar with questions that can confirm or refute his suspicions. Knowing he should not, he spends the evening exploring his carnal urges, much to the delight of Oscar. Will Vincent regret it?

Kit Zheng has written an intriguing story about longing and assumptions. Have you ever not noticed someone or failed to recognize their presence? Some people leave no impressions, their features, undistinguished and unremarkable. Others are so striking in appearance they stick out anywhere. Being acknowledged and noticed as being present causes some to take drastic measures while others just show up. This story shows the lengths some will go to to be noticed and reaffirmed. The plot twists are subtle and will surprise all who read this story.

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