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ISBN# 978-1-897445-38-9
January 2008
Champagne Books
#35069-4604 37 ST SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7C7, Canada
162 Pages
Women's Fiction/Contemporary
Rating: 4 cups

Spartan Fluey is a discontented wife. Fearing loneliness, she remains in the marriage, knowingly wasting years of her life being married to her college boyfriend, who later demonstrates misogynistic tendencies with a vengeance. Families on both sides are against their marrying. Spartan, an only child from a wealthy family, inheriting a large, lower income family, accustomed to living in cramped conditions, leaves her wondering.

Accountant, Goddard Fluey, marries Spartan Harris, the gorgeous dark haired girl he dated at college. The type of girl college boys dream about. Chauvinistic, Goddard craves popularity and expects everyone to look up to him, therefore, there was nothing unusual about him getting the best girl, a naturally obvious inevitability in his books. His views, ideals, and ideas regarding women and family life are not congruent to maintaining a loving, stable, and secure home.

Thirty years in a loveless marriage, both daughters away from home; one in university and the other in grad school, with time on her hands, Spartan finds part time work, which serves as an escape, breathing space, and a great contrast compared to her miserable home life. Taken for granted, starved of respect, true love and romance, Spartan spends a lot of time dreaming, yearning romance and true love. Years swiftly racing by without ever experiencing love in her youthful years, Spartan is getting older and wonders whether it is too late.

Fakin’ It is a well crafted novel. Dr. Condi vividly touches on the animated obnoxiousness of the secondary character, Goddard, in descriptive detail. I was totally drawn into the story to the extent that I was dying to get my hands on Goddard. Not many writers can achieve such a reaction. Deliberate portrayal of appearing to be very weak and vulnerable in some respects, I admired the fact that behind that, Spartan bravely martyrs through her tough times with her husband as well as masterly juggling many challenges and life changing scenarios.

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