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ISBN# (13)978-1-934041-90-1
February 2009
Swimming Kangaroo Books
1907 Green Apple Lane, Arlington, TX 76014
E-Book/Trade Paperback
226 pages
Mystery/Police Procedural
Rating: 4 Cups


Pete Shasta was hired as an investigator for the police. In the midst of having personal problems with his wife, he is called upon to check out a dead body.

Cora Kingsley is the county coroner of Falcon’s Bend. As one who takes her job seriously, she always does a thorough autopsy.

Falcon’s Bend is not one for murders, especially when the people in the town normally die of natural causes. After a worker at the wastewater treatment plant falls into an oxidation ditch, Pete wonders if it could have been an accident. After examining the body, Cora knows this is no accident. This is Pete’s first ever murder case with the Falcon Bend Police Department. Can he solve his first case, or is this just an accident made to appear like murder?

I like the way this story shows Pete as a person with feelings as he is concerned over his marriage, and also finding if there is a killer in the town. I found it eerie the way the victim was discovered in this spine-tingling tale.

Broken Wings

Keith Pierce has only known his daughter for two months. When she winds up on his doorsteps, he needs answers, so heads to Falcon Bend.

Quinn has the face of an angel and a tongue of a viper. She has been searching for her dad for years with no luck, until the one day she finally knocks on the right door.

Being passed from one home to another has led Quinn to distrust many. When she finally locates her dad, they head back to Falcon’s Bend to see why her mother abandoned her. If they are to have any closure, Keith and Quinn need answers. Once they arrive, Keith meets Pete and tells him about the situation. He wants to locate Katerina Fulton for answers. In no time, Pete is thrown into finding a missing person that could turn into another murder if Keith is not careful.

I liked this story. To me it showed the deep emotions that abound between the love of a father for a child. The way Keith and Quinn meet for the first time, as they learn about the other, is a bonding experience that reached out to this reader. I enjoyed the little twist along the way.


Lisa Mercer is the case representative working on a case when a newborn baby disappears from the Falcon’s Bend Community Hospital.

Lieutenant Pete Shasta finds himself thrown into more than locating a missing newborn when he meets Lisa. Can she fill the emptiness inside him?

Four years as a detective, has changed Pete’s life in many ways. It has been four years since his wife, Donna, simply walked out on him. When news abounds about a missing newborn, Pete is pulled into the assignment. While working on the case, feelings stir inside him for Lisa, but Pete sets them aside, remembering Lisa is only the source of information for him. With time of the essence, Pete must find the baby before it is too late.

This story was gripping. One moment I was fixated on Pete finding the baby, while the other part of me was engaged wondering if he and Lisa would ever make a connection. I loved how the story showed he could be vulnerable and real.

Blind Revenge

Danny Vincent was a beat cop then a detective in New York before moving to Falcon’s Bend. He has been an investigator at Falcon’s Bend Police force for a little over a year.

Pete Shasta is Danny’s lifelong friend. When he and wife, Lisa, head to Hawaii on their honeymoon, Danny is left in charge.

After eight years, Danny moves back to his hometown. When dispatch calls in a murder, Danny is horrified at the scene. He is left alone to solve the crime with Pete away. Cora is already checking out the body and is certain it is murder. The suspect, Chad Martin, is someone Danny went to school with, but something is not right with the case. The father, Lonnie, is devastated over his daughter’s death. It seems Lindsay was scared of something and afraid the witch would take her eyes. When Danny sees the condition of Lindsay’s body, and her missing eyes, it is a nightmare he may never forget. He pushes hard to see who could have committed the terrible crime.

I am still reeling over this read. When Lonnie has to identify Lindsay, the tension is so strong it pulls the reader into the story. It is chilling the way even Danny must push himself to unlock the reason for Lindsay’s fears and her death.


Risa Nitzberg is not the type who has enemies or even thought evil to anyone. However, one wrong move into a chat room, then replying to an email, endangered her life.

Victor Brooks is a neighbor to Risa. He does not like the fact that a creep continues to follow her. He intends to find out why the person is following her and what he wants.

Victor makes sure to keep a careful eye on Risa. He likes her style. In fact, he knows her daily rituals by heart. He is a painter, more of a loner really, but he does like Risa. Of late he has painter’s block, so has been keeping a vigil watch toward Risa. When Pete and Danny get news of a notorious hacker, trying to break into Risa’s apartment and after learning everything about her, they set a plan in motion to catch the culprit. Will they be able to stop the creepy stalker before he inflicts harm to Risa?

I enjoyed the way Risa and Victor has a blossoming romance. The blending in of the stalker and Victor’s concern for her is brilliantly penned. The ending definitely leaves the reader intrigued.

These fast-paced stories keep the reader engaged throughout. I simply adore how Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler team up to bring mystery and suspense to life in these pages. Their masterminds have taken five stories and bedazzled this reader. The chilling suspense in Falcon’s Bend Case Files is awesome. I believe I had an adrenaline rush with just about each of them. This assortment has clever plots that thrill and send chills at the same time. The believable characters left an impact on this reader.

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