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ISBN# (10) 1420838520/(13) 978-1420838527
January 2007
Author House Publishing
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403
372 Pages
Romantic Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

A car injury sends fourteen-year-old, Gabrielle/Bobbie Newtonendie into a coma where she can still hear and sense things around her. Something tells her the doctors are giving up on her, but her favorite rock star makes an appearance giving her some hope.

Johnny Ravolie, rock star, is visiting the pediatric burn victims at the hospital when he visits Bobbie. After spending time with her, the twenty-year-old falls in love.

Johnny loves Bobbie, regardless of their age differences. His continuing visits end up giving her life again but with their ages, it is best to not boast a public announcement of their impending love. Once Bobbie returns home, she does not hear much from Johnny and fears he has deserted her. Bobbie’s overly strict parents are very protective of her but Johnny appears and encourages them to permit Bobbie to move to New York and live with him. Bobbie’s parents agree, not realizing that the love the two young people share only grows more intense with each passing day. Unfortunately, someone from Johnny’s past does not share the same enthusiasm for his feelings for Bobbie and plans on severing the ties between the two.

Falling Roses is a stirring read that carries the reader down through years as Bobbie and Johnny grow together in their relationship. Johnny’s and Bobbie’s range of lifestyle is diverse, only making their love more genuine. Throughout their time together, she faces many painful traumas that tend to make her stronger. Rosemarie Piemonte allows the reader to be captured into the ambience of the story while getting a good visual of the personal experiences of the characters. She instills conflict, romance and a touch of enigma, making the reader wonder will their love be strong enough to face any obstacle in this poignant tale.

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