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ISBN#: E-book-1-897562-24-6/Paperback-1-897562-25-3
February 2009
Sinful Moments Press
294 Pages
Erotic Romance/Contemporary
Rating: 5 cups

Victoria is a widower who lost her husband and unborn infant a few years before. Because her husband was a doctor and killed in a helicopter accident caused by negligence, she came out of it a very rich woman. Now she owns and operates Fantasy Mountain, an upscale ranch where any sexual fantasy can be fulfilled for the right price.

Brett is a lawyer and Victoria’s right hand man. He has been in love with Victoria for years, but finally gave up on her when he came to the conclusion that she was never going to let him love her. He has now found somebody else and is engaged.

Victoria keeps the pain of losing her husband, Luke, deeply buried and will not allow anyone close. Instead she takes the occasional lover and tries to make that be enough. However, Brett managed to get under her skin, though she admits her love for him to no one but herself, because she is terrified of loving and losing a second time. When Brett’s fiancée Andrea suggests that, for Brett’s birthday, she and Victoria have a little girl on girl action for him to watch, Victoria at first refuses. However, when watching the couple on camera, she sees that Brett really isn’t interested in sex, and so after some alcohol courage she goes and makes both Andrea and Brett’s fantasies come true. There is only one problem, the sex with Brett has reignited both Brett’s and Victoria’s feelings for each other. Will Brett be able to convince Victoria that he is the one for her this time, or will she continue to push him away?

Fantasy Mountain rocks! This is one of the best romances I have read this year. Ms. Denna did a superb job in showing how someone might react to losing a spouse, and it is so realistic I had tears in my eyes on more than one occasion. I loved how Brett reacted to the final wake-up call, so to speak, and how this played out in the final outcome. The sex, while hot and varied, is easily distinguished between sex for fun and sex for love, and I liked that because the emotion made all the difference. This is one book that I am more than happy to recommend to one and all, it is romance at its very best!

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