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ISBN#: 0-7443-1332-5
July 2007
62 Pages
Literary fiction/mainstream/contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Michael is a writer and wishes to write the great American Novel. For now his conquest is finding the right woman to fit in and out of his life.

Dawn met Michael while out walking her Cocker Spaniel. Just like him, she inherited early in life, helping with her finances, and she too dedicates her life to the arts.

Michael lost his father when he was in his teens, leaving him independently comfortable and spending his time writing. Because of his father’s infidelity, he wonders if it messed up his life growing up. For a long time he held his father to blame for not giving his mother the happy paradise she wanted in her life. Michael soon grows desire for many women. When he sees a woman that strikes a sensation in him, they normally end up together. With each woman, he learns a lesson in itself. After meeting Dawn, he feels she might just be the perfect soul mate for him. As Michael lives each day he soon learns life and love hold its own little secret that one must discover on their own.

Feeding the Squirrels is a story of a man’s quest to find something absent in his life. Even though Michael searches with many women to find that one link, the reader wonders if his father had been more sensitive to his family’s needs and not been unfaithful, would Michael have been different. Roy L. Pickering Jr. paints a picture of a man trying to find his own identity, while giving thought to what is really important in life. Even though I do not agree with Michael’s promiscuous ways, there were many women that Michael met along the way that left a lesson in itself.

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