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ISBN# (13) 978-1-4199-0737-1 / (10) 1-4199-0737-1
January 2007
Ellora’s Cave
142 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance/Futuristic
Rating: 3 Cups

Eva is a spy for the Iron Conclave. She is one of their best spies. Her boss has assigned her to retrieve a data clip and eliminate some potentially dangerous lycanthropes.

Dex Solomon is the epitome of a lone wolf. The big lycanthrope is only close to his tech person, the blind lycanthrope Liberty; the two are like brother and sister. He does not want to be attracted to the small intel officer, but she makes him fight for his hard won control.

A small voice clip on a data chip could bring down the government. Eva is assigned to retrieve the chip and bring it back to her superiors. Little does she know that those superiors have other plans for Eva and Dex, and his crew. She must decide where her loyalties really lie.

This is a story of contradictions. Eva is a master spy and has to find the data chip. She is also supposed to destroy the crew of lycanthropes because the government finds them too disturbingly unhuman. Dex has only changed once when he left death and destruction in his wake, but Eva makes him fight for control that he loses several times. The love scenes are very unique; scary even. I have never read about werewolf sex quite like this. The characters are interesting and vivid. I loved the big bad hitman named Cupcake. The action will satisfy the most avid action adventure reader. This is billed as a werewolf romance, but really falls into the Futuristic category. I just have one major problem with the plot. Once they find the data chip, escape the Iron Enclave, they just forget about it. What are they going to do with the voice recording? Other than that, it was a very enjoyable and exciting book.

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