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ISBN 9781419909054
May 2007
Cerridwen Press
226 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dare Borodin is a technical translator. He travels the country and the world, but really has no place to call home. His only family is his father, and that is not saying much. Dare has been adrift in his life, but a trip to the emergency room may just give him the anchor he is looking for.

Dr. Kristin Olafsson is a study in contrasts. She is the proud product of an American father, a Japanese mother, and a Swedish grandmother. Her career as an emergency room physician keeps her very busy, but is not as fulfilling as she had hoped. A stormy night at the hospital brings a surprising kindred spirit into her world.

Dare never thought a trip to the emergency room could be fortuitous. He was nursing a broken wrist, when he met Dr. Olafsson. Immediately there was a connection. Not only was she beautiful and exotic, but she stirred feelings in him that were long buried. Kristin was also intrigued with her new patient, and he seemed very familiar to her somehow. They went their separate ways, but were destined to meet again under similar circumstances. Dare was not going to let her get away this time. He wanted to see if the connection between them was real. Kristin made him realize that there were some things in his life he had neglected for far too long. Before they could be together, Dare would have to overcome a life of prejudices, and embrace his heritage. Would their feelings for each other be able to heal wounds that were a lifetime in the making?

This story was so bittersweet. The obstacles that Kristin and Dare had to face are shockingly common even in today’s society. Kristin was brought up in a family that embraced their differences and became stronger because of it. Dare was forced to deny his true identity, and this drove a wedge between him and his father that could never be repaired. This story exemplifies the state of the world. This was a beautiful love story and so much more.

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