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ISBN#: (10)0-373-26643-X/(13)978-0-373-26643-2
August 2008
Harlequin/WorldWide Library
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
284 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman knows the town is busy preparing for the Posadas 100, a cross-country bicycle race, with the local police jostling to keep security under control. Finding three victims, murdered, just gives her more reason for alarm.

Jerry Turner is the owner of an airplane he keeps at the hanger. He makes sure to maintain his plane, always keeping it clean. When he notices someone has been using it without his permission, he intends to find the thief.

Estelle cannot believe the cross-country bicycle race has yet to begin and a middle-aged man, middle-aged woman, and a younger guy have been found dead, possibly father, mother and son. Thoughts of canceling the race enter the mind of some but why cancel a race with 150 cyclists? Estelle sets her mind back on the victims. More investigation must be searched into the matter of the findings of the dead bodies. One clue points to the airplane in the hanger. A killer had to have been on an airplane instead hiking across the desert. With a plane coming back and forth, someone had to have seen something. Jerry knows his plane is being used because he never leaves it dirty. Estelle wonders does it have something to do with drug trafficking. With everything else stirring around her, she plunges into the murder, looking for answers, but is her life in danger when she goes too far?

Final Payment has some intense moments permitting the reader to experience some of the phenomenal events that play in this action-packed tale. The airplane take-off gave me such a thrilling sensation, I felt I was part of the chase to help unravel answers. With each page, the story becomes more interesting and wonderfully intriguing. It keeps moving at a great pace as the audience is pulled into exciting scenes and invigorating times where there is never a dull moment. Steven F. Havill pits a great plot, with a murder during a cross-country race that brings in vibrant characters, giving the reader a run for their money.

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