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ISBN #: Unavailable
June 2007
Whispers Publishing
54 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Susan knew her marriage was not perfect and she has agreed to go to counseling to work on it, but all bets are off when she sees pictures of her husband passionately kissing another woman.

Nathan desperately wants to save his marriage, but pictures of a blonde woman kissing him have destroyed the trust between them. He has to prove that he did not cheat and that the woman caught him by surprise.

A rainy weekend at the beach re-ignites the passion between a couple. Overwork and lack of trust may destroy what they have together, but Nathan desperately tries to hold on.

This is a sensual story of a couple at a crossroads. Long working hours and her family have torn the two apart until they are more like roommates than a married couple. They were about to try counseling when the incriminating pictures show up. I cannot really blame Susan for her reaction. The scenes at the beach house are pretty erotic and well written. The ending, however is a little abrupt, with nothing leading up to the not entirely surprising conclusion. Overall, this is a very well written and entertaining story.

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