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ISBN# 1-58608-
March 2007
New Concepts Publishing
48 Pages
Futuristic Kinetic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Grady O’Brien is a Firestarter. He tries to hide his special powers and many secrets. Grady’s family believes he is an accountant. He works for a secret government agency that specializes in identifying people with special powers and seizing them, if necessary. Grady is on trial for murder and fighting for his life. He is sentenced to death. When the “Death Dome” begins to lower, Grady thinks this is the end.

Miranda Carter is a lawyer. She has a secret that will shock many when they discover her true powers. Miranda does not believe Grady is receiving a fair trial. He is charged with the murder of Miranda’s best friend, and Miranda knows he is innocent. She does the only thing possible to save Grady from execution; she invokes the law that gives prisoners their freedom if someone is willing to marry them. And Miranda is that person. She will marry Grady.

Grady is shocked at Miranda’s suggestion, but grateful to her. Miranda hires the best attorney to help Grady. Grady hurt Miranda in their past. Can she forgive him? Miranda and Grady are strongly attracted to each other and soon share a passionate night. They realize that despite their feelings, they have one week to prove Grady’s innocence. Their lives will be in danger many times. Can they remain safe to have a future? What will Grady do when he discovers Miranda’s secret?

Ms. Tribell’s book has everything; murder, intrigue, mystery, romance, and very hot sex. The futuristic setting gives us the excitement of solving a crime in the twenty-sixth century. The romance builds to an exciting climax filled with danger and non-stop action. I hope Ms. Tribell plans to write more of this exciting series. I would love to read more about the Firestarters, Iceshapers, and Watertoppers.

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