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ISBN: unavailable
June 2007
Wild Rose Press
18 Pages
sweet romance
Rating: 4 cups

Dani Lampert and Brian had been together for four years and she thought their love had grown. Now after four years of being committed to each other and discussing wedding plans, Brian calls it off. Dani is left alone. Needing an escape she heads for a weekend adventure to a beach bungalow. She is not looking forward to spending time alone with four walls, but what she discovers is a very handsome blue-eyed man that literally knocks her off her feet and helps open her eyes to a new life.

Cody Shepherd thought Dani was the prettiest woman he had seen in a long time. When she bends over to pick up a penny, he opens the door slamming her into darkness. After she awakes, he introduces himself and in no time they are sharing soda and conversation. He will be attending her same college and would like to get to know her better. As their weekend is spent with more shared time together, he confesses that he, too, has lost a love but discovered it was something not meant to be. Is he being truthful by his actions or using her for the weekend only to break her heart further?

After Dani’s ex-fiancé, Brian, leaves her; she takes a weekend trip only to make an acquaintance with Cody, who literally knocks her unconscious. Cody is eager to learn more about Dani and opens up about his past, then bestows a kiss to her lips that is
hard to forget. They spend the weekend together but then Dani does not see Cody for two months. She is hurt and cannot forget his kisses or his hands. Is she destined to live a lonely life?

Fire and Independence is a story I enjoyed. Ms. Mahn’s words blended wonderfully together making this a page-turner. I could almost feel what Dani was experiencing when she battled her heart over her feelings. When she and Cody came to terms with
their future, my heart leaped with joy. Ms. Mahn creates believable characters with intense riveting chemistry that pans this story a winner.

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