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ISBN# (10)037326666-9/(13)9780373266661
March 2009 Reprinted (First printed in: September 2007)
Worldwide Mystery Books (Imprint of HQN)
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
250 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Brodie Farrell decides to be independent after her husband left her for a librarian. Taking the divorce settlement, she gainfully buys a business to take care of herself and her child.

Jack Deacon is the Detective Superintendent of the police force. After fifteen years of living alone, Brodie brightens his life.

Daniel Hood is a good friend and business partner of Brodie's. He suggests doing her legwork since she is expecting.

Brodie invests her money in the business, ‘Looking for Something,’ to make enough income to support her and her daughter. After learning she is pregnant, she tells her best friend, Daniel. Finding the right time, and words, to tell Jack might be a bit difficult. Brodie is trying to find someone to do her legwork so Daniel eagerly accepts to be her gopher. Jack always felt Daniel was the reason he and Brodie broke-up. He is surprised to learn she is carrying his child. When Daniel believes a young boy is being abused, he throws himself into the problem while Brodie tries to work out matters with Jack. As each are thrown into a mystery, that even the greatest sleuth may have trouble with, the plot only thickens.

Flawed is a story that immediately hooked me. I love the interaction with the three main characters. The deep emotion Jack feels when he learns Brodie is expecting his child, is moving. I could almost see the pain in his face when he and Brodie share a deep conversation. Here he is, a Detective Superintendent, and watching him practically crumble really shows his true character and how deep his love is for Brodie; at least that is the reaction that hit me. Watching Daniel as a supportive friend to Brodie, while trying to help a young boy, was woven greatly into the story. Jo Bannister creates eye-catching players that the reader grows to learn and care for.

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