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ISBN #1-933563-96-6
January 2008
Siren Publishing
108 Pages
Science Fiction/Paranormal
Rating: 5 cups

Star Hawking is a diplomat. She is on her first assignment and is nervous. Fortunately she has Spence to help her out. She is attracted to Spence but does not think she has the time for a relationship.

Spence is a Marine. He and his men have been sent along as a precaution in the event that the alien races they encounter are hostile. He has strong feelings for Star, but is trying to figure out why they are different from what he has felt for other women before her.

Krell is an alien diplomat and Star’s first contact with the Hendri. He cares deeply about Star. However, he feels he cannot act on his feelings since his Elders have plans for the humans.

Spence does not trust Krell and feels he is hiding something. Krell convinces Star to have dinner with him alone and Spence becomes convinced that something is going on. Soon it becomes apparent that communications have been lost and that Star has been taken by force. Spence is desperate to find her but can he find her in time?

Burning Love is my favorite kind of science fiction and paranormal romance! This is a fast-paced love story full of suspense, action and best of all true love. I loved how each character has their own flaws and how they work to overcome them. This particular love triangle is handled with great taste. Even if you are not one to read a sexual multiple partner story you will still find lots to love about this book. To top it all off the world building is spectacular. I will be avidly purchasing the other books in this universe and highly recommend Ms. Aaron to anyone who loves to read romance!

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