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ISBN# 1-932866-99-X
April 2005
Triskelion Publishing
Price $2.99
56 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Sarah Bradford is a young woman with a secret that could unleash accusations against herself, the man she is in love with, and other innocent women.  Not only does she know a secret about two men in the village, but she has a forbidden hunger of the village doctor, whom she finds herself falling in love with.  Is her love strong enough to overcome the accusations the villagers have spread about her?  Or, will she be proclaimed a witch and a sinner and be forced into humiliation by standing in the market square, facing her accusers?

Thomas Thorne is a doctor in love with Sarah Bradford. He wants to make her his in every sense of the word.  He does not care about rumors, because to him, she  would always be chaste and pure, proper at all times.  He wishes to make her his wife, but wonders if that will ever happen when an evil churchwarden abducts her.

This was an easy book to read, and I enjoyed the characters.  I like the way Ms. Moore told the story about Sarah and Thomas.  She has an enticing way of writing, carrying the reader into the story with every turn of the page.  When Thomas told Sarah to remain true to her moral convictions, I cheered.  I liked the way Thomas had a way throughout the story of telling Sarah not to think about what others say, but to follow her heart.   Forbidden Hunger will have you in awe all the way to the end, rooting for this couple as they seek to keep the love that binds them close forever.

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