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ISBN# 0-06-075763-9
August 29, 2006
HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
$25.95 US/$32.95 Canada
736 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Nevare Burvelle, a cadet, from the Cavalla Academy, prepares for his journey to his home in Widevale expecting a warm homecoming with his lovely fiancée, Carsina but what he finds is nothing that he expected.

Carsina, a very selfish woman, soon finds Nevare to be repulsive.

Tree Woman is a green goddess of the forest-dwelling Speck people.

Nevare feels almost like a kind of Trojan horse to his natives. Considered a golden boy to his culture, he has endured much hazing as a trained officer. His nights are always inundated with a guilt-ridden love that he shared with Tree Woman, a kind of green goddess of the forest dwelling that helped his enemy, one where he also lost half his spirit to her. There are many nights that still haunt him not because of the Tree Woman but of the Speck plague. When his good friend, Spink and Cousin Epiny become her intended victims, he sets out to destroy her in order to save them. When the spread of the deadly disease once again slaughters many, leaving only a few survivors, it is left to Nevare to come to their aid. The onset has left many not only faint and weak, but also forsaking the military to return to their families. Since Nevare has been lucky enough to make a quick recovery from the plague, he sets out to use his magic to find a way to help the others, as he struggles with his own obstacles, in his life, that bring much ridicule from those around him.

Forest Mage follows the first book in The Soldier Son Trilogy, Shaman’s Crossing. The storyline continues, as Nevare becomes an officer and hero to find a way to rid the others of the Speck plague. He suffers many consequences, even rejection from the woman he loves, and a father who holds disgust toward him. When Nevare was fasting and feeling lightweight from hunger, I could feel his emotions and frustrations. Robin Hobb creates an extraordinary tale, with a long list of secondary characters, where the reader can almost smell the fragrance of the forest, see the greenery of everything, feel the magic and get a sense of each character. The way she takes Nevare and makes him morbidly obese, showing he is like a trapped man, was incredible in this story. She creates a tale of challenge that is not easy for Nevare but one that amazes with every turn of the page. The worlds and characters in this tale are stunning and well rounded as they all interlink together to make one exceptional read.

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