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ISBN # Unavailable
October 2006
Venus Press
23 pages
Paranormal - Vampire
Rating: 4 cups

Lena has spent seven months wondering what happened to her beloved fiancé, and her life seems to be in a holding pattern. All she wants is to have him back, if it is at all possible. Others are convinced that Liam is dead, but she is not. When he suddenly returns, she is thrilled. But there are changes in him that may make a life together difficult for them to pursue.

Liam had every intention of marrying Lena and living happily every after, when fate decided to throw a spanner into the works. He is aware that accepting the differences in him would be difficult for anyone, but he cannot alter the facts as they are. Liam is now a vampire and that is unalterable.

Sometimes lives do not go exactly as planned. In the case of Liam and Lena, Murphy's law works overtime. Despite the unusual turn their lives have taken, they discover that they still love and desire each other very much. Acting on their desire for each other is not difficult, but dealing with all of the ramifications of Liam's vampirism is. Can love conquer all?

Tales of angst and love can touch a reader's heart. This one certainly touched mine. Watching as Lena struggles with her emotions concerning Liam and what his new state of being means to them is heart wrenching. Those who are looking for a story with high emotion and vampires would do well to choose Forget Ever After.

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