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ISBN#: 9781906811013
September 2008
Total E-Bound
36 pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Letitia Davies has no memories prior to the terrorist attack on 9/11 except for those provided by her deceased husband, Aaron. She has returned to the first place that provides memories of her own and which was the place her husband brought her to recover. Here she meets a man that brings out emotional and sexual feelings she thought never to have again.

Aaron Davies has been searching for his wife since she left for New York never to return. Now she is back but has no memory of him and their life together and claims that her husband is dead.

Letitia Davies leaves home for a business trip to New York and ends up with psychic abilities and no memories of her life before. Her husband claims her at the hospital and brings her home to California. Letitia’s world shatters because her deceased husband, or a man claiming to be him, just walked into her life. She must search her heart and limited memories to figure out which man is Aaron Davies and why the deception occurred.

This is an amazing story of love. Aaron Davies never gives up on finding his wife and his patience pays off. That kind of love is rare and wonderful to find. Ericka Scott verbalizes the loving emotion and conveys to the reader the anguish that Letitia and Aaron suffer. The story line is original and so believable as to be scary. I absolutely loved the author’s ability to convey a story with such emotional impact while using so few words.

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