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ISBN# 9781419912245
June 2007
Ellora’s Cave
158 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Maura Wagner cannot continue to live in her present situation. Pete cheats on her, humiliates and beats her for no reason. She tries not to anger the pack leader but she needs this mating dissolved.

Josie Balzon has a special ability that enables him to hear thoughts. When he happens to hear Maura’s, he must locate her. He is shocked at the way she has been treated and sets out to care for her.

Maura no longer wishes to be with Pete and his meandering ways. Pete becomes furious with Maura and the way she humiliates him. To save face, he takes Maura out of lunewulf territory. She is nothing but a disgrace. He will inform others she ran off with her lover. Maura has always been faithful. Taking her outside the territory, he leaves her along side the road. Maura is unfamiliar with her surroundings. Josie hears Maura’s thoughts and sets out to find her. As a Malta, their kind were burned out by other packs that feared them. When Josie finally meets Maura, he wishes to offer her help. He is determined to protect her. Malta’s are not always trusted by others, but he must find a way to show Maura that he is sincere in all his actions.

For Life: Book 5 in the Werewolves of Malta series, is a thrilling read the moment Maura faces the pack leader. The interaction of Pete, Josie and Maura, spin some fast-pace action that rivets in every page. I was surprised with the antics of Pete. My heart went out to Maura. I found her and Josie likable characters, and the chemistry sizzling. Lorie O’Clare does more than enchant with this tale, she captures the reader’s heart with her characters. This is one captivating read that is completely satisfying.

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