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ISBN# 9781594269097
June 2007
273 Pages
Contemporary, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

King of Swords by Bianca D’Arc

Adele Senne is new to the Madhatter Station. She needs advice from her beloved Aunt Della, who is not only a brilliant woman but gifted with the ability to see the future. So heading to the tavern, The Rabbit Hole, she inquires answers.

Colonel David Hellerby is a soldier who enters the Rabbit Hole to have a drink and enjoy some relaxing atmosphere. The moment his gaze meets Adele, he wants her in the worst way. He has never felt this way about any woman and he wants her forever.

The physic gift that Adele and her aunt carry is something that has traced the family lineage of women in their family. When a soldier enters the establishment, looking for her aunt, there is something about his deep voice that sends shivers down Adele’s spine. There is also something about his eyes that make her wonder does he suspect their physic secret. Adele does not really feel safe around any soldier but this one in particular creates sparks. In time, Adele feels safe with David. Their instantaneous attraction drives her crazy. Adele knows with an attack about to be staged, David will play a huge role. Then out of nowhere the two are thrown together when enemies attack the station.

King of Swords has action, passion and intrigue that draws the reader into the scene. Ms. D’Arc instills romance that captivates the audience. Adele and David are vibrant characters lighting the universe. It was exciting watching the depth of Adele and David’s emotions grow as chaos surrounded them.

Hand of Fate by Eva Gale

Abigail Drummond is the town palm-reader who would love to be anywhere but in a town where everyone knows her family. It is not easy being the palm-reading daughter of a Romany fortuneteller.

Caden Dupree is a banker and good with money. In fact he has all the good traits to make a great banker. When he is given a palm reading by Abigail, just the slight touch of her hand breaks him into a sweat.

Being in the same room as a palm reader is not really Caden’s cup of tea, but Abigail is someone that could easily change his mind. Abigail is tired of being something that she is not and after meeting Caden, her future may look a little brighter. They have enough sexual energy between them to start a fire. With so many odds against them, the two wonder can they make a go of it without any family meddling.

Hand of Fate is a charming tale of a girl who wishes to break from the hold of her mother’s reigns so to speak. Abigail feels she is living in a freak show. I found her strong on the inside but afraid to step out of her shell. It was sad watching the characters be something that they were not. Ms. Gale shows that with just a bit of perseverance that things often work out for those, especially in love.

Flesh and Blood by Selah March

Leah is an English Professor who continues to have strange recurring dreams. Inside her habitual visions a man is chained to a wall. The only way to help release him, she must travel into the darkness.

Marcus wants an interview with Madre Donnatella. He feels Madre has no answers but with the trail getting cold, he needs answers in finding out why his partner, Julian, when pulled from a dumpster was severely tortured and disfigured.

Marcus is on a trail that leads him to the Madre but in his process he is soon connected with Leah, an enigmatic beauty. As Marcus faces his own brutal destiny, Leah comes to his rescue but getting caught in the web of iniquity was not something she envisioned. Now the two must work together to try to find a way out of the darkened maze that has them entrapped.

Flesh and Blood by Selah March carries the reader into the dark macabre of something so sinister and alarming, one wonders will Leah and Marcus ever escape the madness. Ms. March pens a great tale that pulls the reader into the visualizations and depravity, yet allows passion to stir between Leah and Marcus. Even with the dark sources that made this tale sort of unpleasant at times, I found this a well-written interesting read.

Miranda Writes by Cassidy Kent

Miranda Franklin feels as if everything in her life is depleting right before her eyes. Her funds are dwindling down and unless she can come up with another book within thirty days, for her agent, she is looking at economic shambles, so to speak.

Matt Archer always tries to help outcast kids get a better start in life. Once he sets eyes on Miranda, he is more than intrigued.

Miranda is in dire need of funds. Not only does she need a part-time job, but money and inspiration, and she is quickly running out of luck. Matt is mesmerized by the young lady, and refers to her as his little Miss Gypsy. He watches her from afar and from what he sees, he really likes. Miranda really sets off his libido and Matt lends the inspiration she needs as the games begin.

Miranda Writes transports the reader into a wonderful amusement of sexy and sensual passion that is rather alluring. Miranda and Matt are lively characters that ignite the pages and keep the fire burning. Ms. Kent brings the story, the characters and the momentum to life in this enchanting read. I loved the theme surrounding the starving writer, so to speak.

Fortune’s Fool is a stirring selection of stories that lend great creativity between four talented authors. Each character has an individualism that stands out and brings a certain aura to the storyline. I found the themes cleverly created and look forward to more pleasant tales from these amazing storytellers.

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