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ISBN# (13) 978-1-587496-10-3 /(10) 1-58749-610-0
May 2007
Awe Struck E Books
259 Pages
Historical Romance/Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Claire, now in New York, is a rising artist from San Francisco. Just when her life seems promising, the man who broke her heart and left her pregnant is back in town needing her help. She is still in love with Richard, but Richard still does not trust her.

Richard Hart is in New York to investigate the sale of stolen artwork from Nazi Germany. He has never stopped loving Claire and seeing her with another man tears him apart, despite the many women he has bedded. Worse, he needs her help to find out who is buying the artworks, and that person may be more closely related to him than he thinks.

Artwork confiscated from escaped or imprisoned Jews is being sent to New York to be sold on the black market. Richard Hart and Leslie Havens’ connections to the art world make them ideal agents if they can overcome the prejudices of the past. Richard blames his mother and Claire for all that is wrong in his life and sulks for the better part of the book. Claire has a revenge fling and will not talk to Richard about the past, making her almost as bad, though Richard’s numerous affairs put her piddly little one to shame. Obviously, no one understands either of them. Leslie is having a grand old time in gay New York and falls for a suspect, not the brightest move in the world.

The plot of this book is exciting, but the juvenile antics of the main characters are very irritating. I grew to like them better as the story went on, but first impressions do last. There is a lot of suspense and intrigue, making the plotline very enjoyable despite the melodrama perpetrated by the trio of lead characters.

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