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ISBN# 978-1-60168-060-0
September 2007
Aspen Mountain Press
157 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Francine Daniels works with Teddi Howard-Stiefle and takes a business trip to Germany as a favor to Teddi. Upon entering the hotel room, a sexy man atop a ladder sparks her interest.

Heicke Brewer is repairing the air conditioner when Francine enters the room. She is so petite that he calls her Pixie. He is so smitten with her; he has to get to know her better.

After Teddi breaks her leg, Francine is in Germany selling plastic leis to the men as a fundraiser for the kid’s shelter. In the middle of the golfing game, with the gentlemen, a rainstorm occurs. Heading to shelter, Francine meets Heicke again. Since first contact they were drawn together like firecrackers but no connection has been made. He wishes to teach her German, so she can understand better. They continue to run into each other and the fire still blazes. It is hard for Francine to trust after being burnt before. When she hears about Heicke and another woman, she will not be played a fool again. Heicke has a past that is hard to disclose until it appears he may lose the one woman he has fallen in love, his Pixie. He hopes she will understand and give him a chance. It is time to move forward and with Pixie it is no passing flirtation.

Francine on Fire is a sizzling read the moment Francine sets her sights on Heicke; like someone striking a match and setting the room a blaze. With the twists and turns that stumble in their path, I kept wondering would they ever find true love. Sloane Taylor creates characters that spring from the pages. Francine and Heicke share moments of learning to trust and love. I found this an entertaining read with realistic individuals facing real problems.

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