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ISBN# 1-59836-388-3
October 2006
Venus Press
Price: $3.98
37 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The Beginning:
Morgan Fields was on a hunt for Joshua Lansing after a good friend died. When she located him, her life suddenly took a sharp turn she never imagined.

The Present:
Morgan knows to clear up the loose ends, she must return home but leaving Joshua is the hard part.

Joshua Lansing would like Morgan to stay with him forever.

Morgan is all set to return home as Joshua practically pleads for her to stay. After a trip into the woods to enjoy the day, they happen upon a hurt fawn that leads to tragedy for Morgan after a shot from the poacher strikes her. Now Joshua believes they need to go after the pilferer to teach a lesson. Uncertain if it is the people that he has had a feud with, he and Morgan set out to find who is doing the devastating menace to the tiny creatures in the wilderness. Morgan needs to free the beast within her and return home, but each day she spends with Joshua only makes her heart grow fonder. And for the past two weeks she has been in absolute heaven in his arms, the perfect home and the perfect mate. Is it enough for her to stay and call it home?

Freeing the Beast Within takes the reader on an adventure where the ambiance of the woods can practically be felt along with the scent of the cedar trees. The refreshing characters of Morgan and Joshua blend well together. Their emotions leap through the pages. Ms. Mason pens a tale that is not only delightful but keeps one rapidly turning the pages to the outcome. Excellent writing and believable characters make this a rewarding read by a wonderful storyteller by far.

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