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ISBN# Unavailable
November 2006
160 pages
Inspirational Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

In From the Cold

Veronica Lowe inherited her aunt's house. She also inherited her aunt's ghosts. The two brothers have been with the house forever and have played mild tricks forever. But now as things change will the tricks stay mild?

I liked this story and the south is the perfect setting for it, so are the old houses that are so much a part of that region. Who wouldn't like the idea of three men seeking the attention of one woman? I know I did.

Cue Me in

When you have worked your entire life for something, doing anything to make your mark is perfectly ok. That is what Fae thinks. Which is why she has dragged her sister and her best friend to a place they where not invited. What they find when they get there changes their lives forever.

Of the three stories in this collection, this was the weakest. It seemed to focus on what I thought was going to be the secondary story. To me it just did not fit with the other two stories in the collection. I wish the author had chosen to tell the other story. I think that if she had that might have put this collection over the top

The Return of the Unwelcome

Rob Johnson is back. When he left he was accused of murder. He made a vow never to return. One day he found himself on the road home. What made him go back? His mother's ghost.

This is my favorite story of the collection. The idea behind it is one of the most pleasurable in the collection. Everyone wants the opportunity to go home again and be accepted for who they are. That is exactly what happened in this story. To read it was a true gift.

This collection was enjoyable. The mix of other world visitors and simple romance was a joy. To see a book that truly believed in the other world and treated it with respect was refreshing. I have to say I respect all the authors for their work on this project. And I recommend it highly.

Mary E
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
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