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August 2006
Cobblestone Press
39 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jill Brandon thought her successful pro-golfing career and her life with Tyler, an adoring military husband, was wonderful, until one day her dream shatters.

Tyler Brandon had a complete whole life with the love of his beautiful wife until a combat injury forces him to leave his job.

Jill wonders will she and Tyler ever be happy again. When the doctors retrieve four bullets from his chest and replace his knee, it appears all they do anymore is bicker. When they begin using sex as a reason to communicate, things still leave a sour note. Nothing she does can bring back the ex-Army Ranger that was her whole life and joy. Tyler feels he is no longer the man that Jill needs in her life. He refuses for her to have to forfeit anything in her life for him. When he decides it is best for her to leave, she is shocked. How can he easily give up on their marriage just because of one slight handicap? After Tyler realizes his mistake in asking Jill to leave, will they find a way into each other’s arms again, when Jill desperately needs him?

Full Swing is a story that reflects a real believability to it and the characters. The way Tyler suffers through his ordeal gives a certain level of realism to the storyline. Jill is great as the wife who wishes only the man back that she married, no matter what. They portray wide emotions that reach out to the reader. Ms. Jordan creates a well-written story that reaches into the core of the consequences that often befall one after an accident. With a very moving story between two convincing characters, and passion that heats the pages; Ms. Jordan pens an incredible read.

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