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ISBN#: 978-1-934912-11-9
December 2008
Black Lyon Publishing
PO Box 567, Baker City, OR 97814
Trade Paperback
224 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Jessica Neale was widowed two years ago and buried her emotions with her husband. Though her relatives convinced her to travel to England, she is reluctant to leave her son. At first she is reluctant to speak to her handsome seat mate on the plane, but the charming man overcomes her reservations.

Cole Hawkesworth is a professor of British History at Cambridge and on his way home from teaching at a small Midwestern college. He finds his reticent seat mate intriguing and tries to help her plan her trip. He hopes to see her again.

On her way back from visiting the ruins of the remote Castle Gallimore, a car accident sends Jessica Neale hurtling back to the fourteenth century. There she meets the inhabitants of Castle Gallimore at its height. Sir Colwyn Haukesworth is ambivalent about the strange woman, but she worms her way into his head and heart. His evil brother Tarne and his insane mother may be the destruction of them all.

This book is billed as historical fiction, but it is a very fine time travel tale. The author does a wonderful job of capturing a twenty first century woman’s trials and tribulations in the thirteen hundreds. Tarne and his mother are creepy, strange, and evil. I loved Colwyn, who is very strong and stoic, and his page Tagg is an engaging little boy. Jessica is a wonderfully well developed character, and I enjoyed reading about her struggles to survive and find her way home, and her reluctance to leave the man she falls in love with.

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