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ISBN # 978-1-58749-667-7
Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc.
218 Pages
Historical western romance
Rating: 4 Cups

George and Blue are best friends and blood brothers. George has seen the destruction the white man brought to the Indians, making them a dying race. He feels he is failing at trying to help them. George's military career ends by him being forced to resign for refusing to kill an Indian woman and her child.

Maggie has brothers and a father that believe a woman's place is in the home, but she will never be that type of woman. She is as smart and strong as any man and thinks women deserve rights as well; especially the right to vote. Meeting George is a surprise; one that she wants to explore further but she feels the pull to follow Susan B. Anthony on her women's rights quest. So she leaves George behind.

George and Maggie spend time apart following their passions and finding hardships in their lives that make them privy to historical events. They are trying to fix wrongs that they believe are making the white men and their government look like fools. But only fate can tell if the passion they feel will ever be claimed and ignited once again.

I must say kudos to Ms. Rogers. I have had the privilege of reading all three books in this series. She has taken historical events and exceptional characters and combined them giving a three dimensional look at a rough period in our history that was not just right or wrong, but person against person. George and Maggie's story is just as captivating as the two couples that came before.

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