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  Moon Series

Book 1 - Killing Moon

Book 2 - Edge of the Moon

Book 3 - Witching Moon

Book 4 - Crimson Moon

Book 5 - Shadow of the Moon

Book 6 - New Moon

Book 7 - Ghost Moon

Book 8 - Eternal Moon

Book 9 - Dragon Moon: The Moon Series

ISBN# 978-0-425-22245-4
May 2008
Berkley Sensation/The Berkley Publishing Group/Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
312 Pages
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 cups

Quinn is a woman from another reality where history took a completely different route, and nearly everyone has psychic powers of one form or another. She was a slave for a part of her life and only recently has been freed. On her world there is a power struggle going on between different city states and in some cases, as with hers, there is one going on within Sun Acres, the city state she now lives in.

Caleb Marshall is a werewolf who was killed by his cousin in a fight over a woman. Instead of moving on into the afterlife he has stayed behind as a ghost, protecting the woods and the creatures who live there.

When Caleb sees Quinn come into this world from her own, he is curious. When he realizes she can actually see and talk to him, he is ecstatic. Something draws these two together and Caleb even finds he can touch and hold Quinn as well as have a kind of sexual contact with her. The fact that these two are highly attracted to each other is only a part of their problem, for Quinn has come to Caleb’s world to prepare to bring over her pregnant friend who recently survived an attempt on her life. No matter how much she is drawn to Caleb, she cannot forsake her friend Zarah, nor Zarah’s husband Griffin who freed her from slavery. While Quinn sees the fact that Caleb is a ghost as a major stumbling block, it does not stop her from falling for him, though she does not know how they can be together. However, when some very bad men come into Caleb’s forest and leave a body buried alive behind, a sort of miracle happens that allows Caleb to have a body again. Will Quinn be able to accept him this way? Will Caleb be able to accept the fact that he may never be able to shift to wolf form again?

Ghost Moon is one of Ms. York’s best books to date! I have been eagerly reading each werewolf story as it comes out, and they just keep getting better and better! I especially like the whole alternate reality, timeline angle which has kept this series fresh and original. Caleb, a werewolf from the Marshall family but from an earlier time where werewolves did not trust each other or work together, as the Marshall men do now, has a gripping and very old world personality. This makes him a perfect match for Quinn who comes from a reality that has more in common with Caleb’s time period than the modern day. Despite this, she is no pushover and while she can understand his personality and why he reacts the way he does to some things, she works hard to make him see her side as well. A very enjoyable read that I am excited to give my highest rating!

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