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ISBN # 1-4199-0629-1
September 2006
Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
217 Pages
Fantasy/Menage a trois or More
Rating: 5 cups

Warrior-scout Anje is a Child of the Mother ordered by the Matriarchs to scout the Empty lands. She carries two unusual birthmarks on her body. A sexual haze descends upon her when she meets Brin and Trey. Though she must complete her mission, the two men a have different plan.

Brin is the shaman Lufra, the love goddess of the Feolin people. He is a huge man with long black hair and a tattoo of the holy dragon on his magnificent body. He has been trained in the erotic arts of sexual pleasure. Upon meeting Anje, he realizes Lufra has sent her as an answer to the survival of his people. His deep desire for her is just an added bonus.

Trey is the best friend to Brin; he is also the son of the Feolin Queen. Trey is lithe and fair with auburn colored hair. Though Trey adores women, he secretly also has a deep lust for Brin. He too thirsts for Anje sexually, and his yearning for Brin magnifies.

Anje is on a mission for her people when she comes upon two Feolin men named Brin and Trey, who kidnap her. To their shock, they discover that she resembles their goddess Lufra, and Brin has been dreaming about Anje. They believe her to be a gift from Lufra, one that will save their people from extinction. These two men show Anje a world of intense carnal pleasures as they prepare her for the coming Great Rite. The love that they share will be forced to endure numerous tests.

Oh My Gosh! This story is like a menu of epicure sensual delicacies. While reading this story, your craving for fulfillment will become so intense that the hunger will have you a glutton for satisfaction. Ms. Rossretti has done an outstanding job of blending these three people together beautifully. Her readers will derive immense pleasure from every page of this story.

Candy Cay
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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