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ISBN# 978-1-59426-751-2
October 2007
Phaze Books
221 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 cups

Jane Duvall is an assassin and the chosen consort of Nicodemus Marsh. She is funny, and quirky, but very serious about her job. She loves Marsh but does not like the times when she wakes up in the morning and he is not there.

Nicodemus Marsh is Djinn and immortal. He loves Jane very much but he has been keeping a secret from her, one that has the potential to cause problems between them if Jane cannot handle it.

When Marsh finally gets around to telling her his secret, one which he has been loathe to tell Jane because he has avoided what it entails for a long time, she is not surprised and does not have quite the reaction Marsh had feared. When he tells her he wants to take her to meet his parents, she takes it on the chin. However, it does take some coaxing for Marsh to get her to do it. There is a great deal of intrigue in the air, and when someone comes to Jane to put a contract out on Marsh, things get particularly dicey. Then when Tolo the cat shifter who helped raise Jane, disappears with hardly a trace, and Trent the man who did raise Jane appear to ask for help, the stakes go even higher. For Marsh and Jane to have the wedding and holiday they want, it will take a miracle because the way things are going it is questionable as to who will survive and who will die.

Gifts was a fun read. I loved Jane’s quirks and personality, and Marsh’s acceptance of exactly who she was. The world building is delightful and realistic enough to keep the story interesting. I enjoyed reading about all the other worldly characters. The infidelities while explained, were not convincing enough, however despite this, I found Gifts a good read.

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