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ISBN# E-book-978-1-60202-096-2/Paperback-978-1-60202-097-9
March 2008
Linden Bay Romance, LLC
3529 Greenglen Circle, Palm Harbor, FL 34684
E-book/Trade Paperback
184 Pages
Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance, GLBT
Rating: 5 cups

Ryan Monroe is an artist who lost his lover two years before in an auto accident. His grief and impotent rage comes out in the vivid reds, oranges, and yellows of his paintings. He knows that in order to be healthy he should move on to a new relationship, but he just feels as though he cannot.

Paul Goldberg is a violinist who lost his lover in the same accident that killed Ryan’s lover. He has thrown himself into his work hoping that it will help him to keep from sinking deeply into grief.

When Ryan meets who he thinks is a new neighbor, he has no idea how much the meeting will shake up his own life. When it becomes apparent that the neighbor is really a ghost, Ryan is very freaked out, but fortunately with the help of his friend Amy he is at least able to try and get a handle on who the ghost is and what he wants him to do. The ghost even goes so far as to leave a couple of physical pieces of evidence behind in Ryan’s apartment to help him with the task. However, the task the ghost wants him to complete will force him to truly leave the past behind and begin living again, not just existing as he has over the past two years. Is Ryan ready to stop grieving and face the future with someone else, or will he turn his back on the ghost who only wants what is best for him?

All I can say is wow! This is one of the best paranormal love stories I have ever read, bar none. The characters are very realistic and lend themselves beautifully to tugging at the reader’s heartstrings. There were so many times I cried in sympathy over what these two men had lost, and yet the author does a great job of showing their emotional growth and how the ghost helps that along. The lovemaking scenes are beautiful in the extreme and really draw the reader into not the just the eroticism, but the emotions the characters are feeling as well. I highly recommend this book, it is not to be missed!

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