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ISBN# 1-59998-455-5
April 2007
Samhain Publishing
73 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gigi is hiding from her uncle, the god Norval. He bound her to the Otherworld hundreds of years ago for saving a village of Druid Sorcerers. Time passes slowly there; seven hundred years on Earth was a very short time in the Otherworld. She hides her power and works in a pub.

Korey is a Druid Sorcerer. His job is to protect the world from evil paranormals. He envies his cousin. Coyle has found his soul mate Deri, and at over seven hundred years old, Korey longs to have that kind of love. The only woman who has even come close is Gigi.

A Celtic Goddess in hiding must protect the world and the one she loves from her uncle, the god Norval. Norval is determined to destroy the Druid Sorcerers and take power with his black magic.

Gigi and Korey’s love story is very passionate once they realize that they are meant for each other. Korey is very jealous of Parth, another Druid Sorcerer and former lover of Gigi, but both soon realize that they are soul mates. Korey’s disappearance after the battle is a little odd, but soon explained. The characters are very well written and feel real. I would definitely want to see more of Parth. The love scenes are very erotic and sensual. I loved Korey and Gigi and this sequel to Sacred Places is every bit as good. The author deftly mixes a very sexy love story with a lot of action and a little humor. Ms. Roth is a master of supernatural stories of good versus evil and this is easily one of her best.

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