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ISBN: 978-0-307-40799-3
March 10, 2009
The Crown Publishing Group
Trade Paperback
276 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The smell of the books, the feel of the antique paper, and the incredible inscriptions within the bindings give Lil some sense of belonging and peace. She feels so out of time and place and trapped in a body she barely recognizes; she should be vibrant and beautiful, not withered and old.

Veronica is a young woman with a zest for life, but for every high there is a low. She loved once, but was nearly crushed when it came to an end. Now, she is not at all certain she can put her heart on the line like that again.

Lil feels blessed that she has gotten to know her boss, George, and if it were not for him and his book store, she would have probably gone mad. Now it is her turn to help him out, and she knows just the right girl. Lil is determined to right a wrong she committed many years ago, and maybe, just maybe, if she sets things right, she can finally go home. She must not fail Veronica and George, not like she did all those years ago when she selfishly let her own wants and desires steal an innocent life.

This is a book meant to open your heart and mind to endless possibilities. It is a paradigm of thoughts and emotions that will make you question the very essence of Lil’s character. She is grandmotherly and sweet one moment, but in the next you can feel the desperation tearing at her soul like a shard of glass. This book is sorrowful and sad, but with an overwhelming sense of tenderness and love that will warm your heart.

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