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ISBN# Unavailable
September 2005
Self Publishing
E-book - $2.37
Paperback - $10.99
204 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups
Janet Lewis is a single mother, due to the loss of her Army officer husband in World War II. In the summer of 1946, she takes her three children to visit a couple who were best friends with her and her late husband and are still active Army. Her first visit to an Army base since her husband’s funeral, it is not going to be easy. Little does she know how this trip will change her life.

Career officer Paul Adams knew Janet and her husband and secretly lusted after her even then. When her friends invite him to join them and a third couple for dinner, he jumps at the chance. Before the night is over, he asks Janet to go out with him. The attraction between them burgeons, but both have issues standing in their way.

Paul is a wonderful strong, yet gentle hero.  Janet is admirable, maternal, and caring. The author’s meticulous research and the realism of her characters, not only Janet and Paul, but the entire cast, make this book memorable. A keeper, it speaks to me strongly since I could be one of those children, the product of a war-time marriage.

This lovely, romantic story will take seniors back to their first loves while it gives the rest a vivid glimpse at a time not too different from today.  Going to war, losing friends or spouses, and trying to rebuild lives in the aftermath of tragedy are the same in any era. These universal themes are well presented in an emotionally fulfilling tale.

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