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ISBN# (13) 978-1-60592-016-0
January 9, 2009
Noble Romance Publishing
E Book
102 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Andrew is a decent young man, a good Christian who is saving himself for marriage. After hearing a woman’s screams, coming from an alley, he rescues the damsel from two thugs and takes her home. Then the nightmare begins.

Pathrusim is being attacked by two demon hunters when Andrew comes to her rescue. She finds him heroic and brave. Now she wants him all for herself, body and soul.

Once Andrew hears the deadbolt of the door, then Pathrusim throwing herself on him, he realizes he is trapped. He explains he is waiting for the right girl and his marriage night. She explains he has been saving himself for her. Without anymore being said, she immediately seduces him, taking exactly what she wants from him. Andrew tries quoting Bible verses and thinking of everything to purge this sin from him, but she is stronger. Pathrusim informs she is a succubus and takes what she wants, and she plans on bringing him right along with her. Just like he needs food, she feeds off sexual energy. Andrew is aware this is the type of girl you do not take home to mom but Pathrusim could care less. She is bound and determined to enslave him for life.

I like the way Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls immediately threw me into the happenings. There was good detail, making the story more visual. Pathrusim is a potent character and allows no one to push her around. Placing her with Andrew, with a shy persona, and a do-gooder, has one wondering how the two will ever mix, but once they get over their obstacles, their chemistry heats passionately. AP Miller creates an intensely hot read, rather interesting, that is witty, with antics that keep the reader in stitches. This side-splitting romp is quite entertaining.

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