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ISBN# 978-1-897559-04-8
May 2008
Eternal Press
131 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Vanessa Ward has worked at Colette’s, a budget-priced chain accessory store, for almost a year. As she temporarily transfers to a strip mall area, she is uneasy since it is where Hattie, a sales assistant, has gone missing.

Ben Harrison is part of the security that patrols the strip mall area. He keeps a watchful eye on Vanessa. She is a very likeable young lady and they connect quite well. He plans to be a cop one day, and will do everything to make sure no danger comes to her.

Even though the strip mall has security patrolling in the area since Hattie’s disappearance, Vanessa is still a bit shaken about transferring to the temporary store. She can only hope she can screen enough assistants to accept the job. Each time a potential employee comes in for the job, after hearing it is the location of the missing girl, they chicken out. Thoughts of Hattie consume Vanessa, and with Ben’s help, they start their own investigation, after Ben hears from his friend at the police department the case is dragging. Soon, Vanessa gets the impression she is being stalked. Will she be able to locate Hattie, or will Vanessa become the next missing girl?

Goth is a wonderful read that houses some twists and turns bringing a chill to this reader. There were moments by the bus stop, or during Vanessa’s little encounters, that sent shudders through me. I love the atmosphere when she saw the mist, and heard the wailing foghorns of the harbor. This book keeps the reader on their toes. Karen Lewis carries the reader into an ominous story that I found powerful, sinister, and at times a bit scary. The addition of secondary characters blends well making this an eerie story that at times sends shivers down the spine.

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