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ISBN# 1-60054-246-6
June 6, 2008
Love You Divine
96 Pages
Gay Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Scott Delaney is a graphic novelist who is suffering from writer’s block. He is looking for inspiration.

Derek Reinhart is a consultant and makes more than enough money to live the high life, yet he chooses not to. He just takes things on a day by day basis.

When Scott spots Derek in a diner, he knows he has found his muse. His writer’s block instantly disappears and Scott finds himself feverishly drawing picture after picture featuring Derek. It is not long before Derek notices the hot guy who keeps watching him and then drawing. Curious, he goes over and takes a look at the drawings, and then introduces himself. Both men are highly attracted to each other, but both think the other is straight. When a drunk bigot takes out his frustrations on Scott, Derek defends him and it is then that they discover their mutual attraction. Will they be able to help each other work through their dark pasts, or will those pasts drive them apart?

I loved Graphic Intentions! There is nothing I love more than a gay romance that has deep seated emotions on the part of the two main characters. Ms. Bruening paints a picture of two men who have been hurt deeply by decisions they made in the past, each carrying deep scaring on the inside. Reading about these two men who are tortured by their memories coming together and helping each other heal makes for a fantastic story. The emotions are realistic, as are the men, and there is no sugar coating any of it which I thought was great. The love scenes are hotter than hot, and had this reader fanning herself quite often. Even if you do not buy another book this month, you will want to buy Graphic Intentions!

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