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ISBN# (10) 0-9799423-2-2 / (13) 978-0-97799423-2-7
September 1, 2007
Romance at Heart
125 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Chrysandros Karalis is not serious about any woman, even though he is usually seen photographed with a beautiful woman by his side. After his father plans an arranged merger, not only in business, but private, he feels he may have found his one true love.

Fleur Burleigh thought Chrysandros was only interested in a merger with their shipping line. She had no idea her grandmother and his father planned more. After he comes to her rescue from a molester, she forms an attraction for Chrysandros that leads to a proposal.

Chryso is thirty-three and Fleur twenty-six. Aristedes, his father, and her grandmother, Lady Vanessa, believe a merger with her luxury hotels and his shipping line will bring in a nice profit. A meeting will have to be set up to see how they interact. Chryso is not interested in any marriage deal with the proposal. He has seen enough failed marriages. Fleur has always been suspicious of men’s motives. Neither knew sparks would fly once they got to know each other. Unfortunately, her grandmother does not help her self-esteem by insisting once the merger is cemented, Fleur will never be able to hold any man’s attention for long. When Chryso hears the way Lady Vanessa treats Fleur, he intends on showing her otherwise.

Greek Fire is so stirring that it captures the heart in many ways. I simply adored the characters of Chryso and Fleur. I personally did not care for the way Lady Vanessa treated Fleur. A grandmother should be more supportive of her granddaughter. Bravo to Chryso for being the perfect gentleman in every way. Kate Hofman brings in conflict that embraces the storyline while giving more depth to the characters. The emotions and sensations she bestows on Chryso and Fleur is remarkably done in this captivating read.

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