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ISBN: 1-59836-109-0
February 2006
Titan Press
180 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Gryphon O’Connor has sworn to protect the Sorceress of the Ancients and her people. A ferocious mercenary, he is an outcast because of his mythological order. When the ancient stones are stolen, he is called upon to reclaim them. Anyone taking on the form of the stones with evil content can shape into something monstrous, causing devastating horror. Gryphon sets out on a quest to find the stones and enlists the help of a mortal, something that is strictly forbidden.   

Heather Green grew up around Celtic objects since her father, the professor, studied the artifacts. She wishes to prove she too can do much in her research and is seriously dedicated to her work. When a good friend turns up dead, she is shocked. After she is greeted by Gryphon telling her about a stone that can give one person complete power, she finds his story unbelievable - until she is pulled into helping with his search.  

Gryphon travels to New York when valuable ancient stones are stolen. If the rune stones fall in the wrong hands the results turn deadly. One innocent life has already been taken. Even though it is against Order’s laws to ask a mortal for help, he finds it necessary. Heather believes Gryphon’s fairytale is absurd. After events transpire giving his story credibility, she decides to help. They fall in love but Gryphon knows their love is punishable by death, so he can only hope a pardon will set them free to be together after the final batter is over and the stones are safe.

Gryphon’s Quest is a magnificent journey that instills believability with Gryphon and Heather. It is a page-turner that touches the heart. Ms. Sams creates a keeper with this enchanting fantasy. Great read and terrific storytelling at its finest, a rare 5.

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