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ISBN# 9781934531945/9781934531952
January 2009
MLR Press, LLC
208 pages
Gay Male Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Humor
Rating: 4 Cups

Victor Brighton works for a Toronto gym and is a personal trainer for clients there. Although divorced from an ex-wife, he is maintains that he is now gay and only attracted to men these days, and his newest client definitely has what he is looking for.

Douglas Newkirk is a forensics accountant who has been out in the field and working for the Canadian Mounted Police on an undercover assignment. He has come to the gym to work off the last bit of weight he needs to get in shape again.

Victor is instantly attracted to Doug when he comes to his club and is assigned to get him into a training program. The problem? Doug is giving mixed signals and claims to only like women. Victor has taken upon himself to go undercover and spy and report back to his femme fatal boss on any suspicious and illegal steroid drug activity. We learn that as a teen, Doug had a gay relationship with his former best friend who is now an NHL hockey player and the truth comes out. Victor and Doug must find out where they are headed, just friends or more maybe.

I love the way the author has Victor narrating as he goes along in the story line. An interesting bit is how the chapters are listed and the play on words throughout with Victor deliberating misusing words just to get a rise out of Doug. Another charming detail is that we are given hints, but we do not find out until late in the game, what Victor is really doing at the gym. I am not giving it all away so I suggest checking it out and seeing if you can catch all the word play and all the bad puns yourself.

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