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ISBN# 978-1-60504-182-7
August 26, 2008
Samhain Publishing
228 pages
Historical Romance
Rating 5 cups

Felicia Collings is a hardheaded, determined and naive young lady. Determined to protect the boy she believes to be her responsibility, she fails to see the risks to herself and others. Felicia finds she has compromised her reputation by being seen with an unrelated man. She is not happy being forced to marry Brand.

Brand, as the next Duke of Warringham, was kidnapped as a child along with his brother. He has finally returned to England to meet his father and face the stepmother he suspects is the reason for his kidnapping. Brand is not expecting to meet the wonderful Felicia. As sister to his friend and partner she should not be of interest to him. Brand however cannot resist this stubborn young girl and is happy to offer for her hand in marriage.

Although Felicia reluctantly agrees to marry Brand, she refuses to help arrange the wedding. Helping or not, she soon finds herself married to the heir of a dukedom. If they thought life was going to become easier or happy now that they had married, they were wrong. A woman twisted enough to arrange the kidnapping of two small children, would not sit back quietly and allow one of them to return as an adult to inherit the dukedom, instead of her own son Edward.

This is wonderful story that shows women where not the downtrodden creatures often portrayed. Brand has a lot of shadows and nightmares in his past. These lead him to be a strong and determined man giving his all to the woman he grows to love and the life that has become his. Felicia has her own nightmares and is a far from being the perfect young lady. This makes her all the more loveable, and it is impossible not to respect the woman she matures into. Ms Patrick’s book is made realistic with not only the strength for the main characters. But the support and influence provided by the secondary characters bring the whole thing together.

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