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ISBN# (10) 0-385-33829-5 and (13) 978-0-385-33829-5
October 31, 2006
Delacorte Press
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
$27.00 U.S./$35.00 Canada
336 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

After her graduation, Princess Christianna returns to the European Liechtenstein monarchy, at her father’s request. She has been away for four years, in California, meeting with friends and enjoying life outside her home only to have to return home to see terrorist’s incidents happening in Russia as well as the troubles of children living in Africa. With some quick persuasion, she hopes her father will listen to her appeal.

Parker Williams works on AIDS research in an effort to save lives. As a physician working with Doctors Without Borders, he happens to make the acquaintance of Christianna, who sends sparks like he has never felt.

Princess Christianna would like nothing better than to help others and find her place in the world. Feeling as if she has no one but her Royal status, she asked her father if she can she please join the Red Cross at a nearby East African refuges camp. Her father would rather she not leave because it could put her in jeopardy, but after her urgency to help, he agrees. She will have to hide her identity to safeguard her future for the kingdom. The young Christianna who desires to help the AIDS patients intrigues Parker. He would like to know her better. He is deeply touched in the way she wishes to help humanity but feels she maybe hiding a dark secret. Christianna does not wish to expound the truth to Parker for fear that she may lose him. When he is called back home in his research for AIDS, she feels as if his presence will never be seen again. When a tragedy calls her to return home, she must face that her life is one of royalty and marrying a commoner would be completely out of the question. Now she must find out if their love is one to withstand any time apart, and if she can finally confess Her Royal Highness stature to him.

Christianna and Parker are loving characters that shine in H.R.H. They have a backbone that cares for individuals as they try to change things for the better. Since she comes from royalty she feels like she will never have the life she so desires with someone she truly loves. Ms. Steele pens a beautiful romance about two wonderful people from different worlds that find a path to the other while trying to help the less fortunate. I could practically feel Christianna’s pain as she sought duty or love not to mention when Parker confessed his love for her. This bittersweet romance had me cheering for the two to find a way to succumb to things at hand and find a way to be together, no matter what the obstacle. Ms. Steele’s stories have always been gratifying, to me, ever since her first publication. They have a way of touching the heart and making one feel as if they are stepping inside the novel.

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