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ISBN #1-4199-0679-8
July 2006
Cerridwen Press
156 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Susan Hanchart knew her husband Shane was callous, but after his death she discovers the depth of his ruthlessness. Left with a mountain of debts, she learns he also made provisions to not allow his cousin Luke to buy the ranch.

Luke Hanchart sets out to keep the land that was preserved for his generation. He devises a plan to help Susan with the debts and give the land back to his ancestors.

Susan’s dead husband continues to speak to her from the grave, twisting the screws tighter in her heart. With the ton of debts, along with a hefty property mortgage, she learns that restrictions have been placed on Luke never to have any part in the matter. Deciding to leave the ranch she always treasured, Luke comes up with a plan. Luke offers Susan a way to keep the property and allow her to pay off Shane’s gambling debts, and no is not an option. When he offers marriage, he instructs he wishes a real one, not just in name only. After the family begins to question their motives, Susan and Luke are torn with issues. When the two begin to fall in love, Susan wonders if Luke will really give their relationship a chance to grow while they work together on the ranch as one.

Hanchart Land is a story that captivates from the beginning. Susan is a strong character who must face many problems after her husband’s demise. She and Luke are believable in their alliance to make things work as they face complications from family intrusions and secrets. Ms. Barker pens an incredible tale of betrayal, learning to trust, and the unveiling of secret loves. With a great plot and some in-depth secondary characters, she fashions a most remarkable story. This one is a keeper.

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