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ISBN# (10)0-7582-1583-3/(13)978-0-7582-1583-3
July 1, 2008
Kensington Publishing Corp., 850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
304 Pages
Contemporary Romance Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups

This Old House

Cole Carruther is an architect with just one little mission. The company has one last rehab project to handle, but first he must vacate the sweet elderly lady who resides there. When he arrives he finds a sexy goddess who takes a sledgehammer to him.

Aubrey Matheson will not leave the house that now belongs to her. She refuses to tell Cole the real reason except that it is her birthright.

Aubrey needs to find the hidden jewels to help her brother, Kirk. She is not happy Cole disrupts her plans. He is not happy she has demolished some of the walls of the house. He insists she will pay for the damages, thirteen thousand, seven hundred, thirty-nine dollars and eighty cents, to be exact. She tells him she has no money to pay. He finds her blazing hot and suggests maybe they can work out something. She must vacate the premises but she refuses. Cole refuses to leave, too. Now the two will just have to compromise and work together until the house is back up to its standards. Aubrey needs to help her brother but she needs to open up and confide to someone about her problems. As Cole plays a dangerous game, they have some wild nights and days while in the same house and the passion they feel for the other blossoms. Aubrey needs to live her life and Kirk needs to handle his own situations. Can she break the ties with her brother, so she can have a life with Cole?

I really liked This Old House the best of the three stories. The dialogue is smashing between Cole and Aubrey. The story moves at a good pace, the sex hot and wild, and the likeable pair of Cole and Aubrey never miss a beat. They had me glued to the seat with their butting heads with each other.

All About Adam

Rebecca "Becky" Carter regrets rushing out and leaving Adam. He was charming and the sex terrific, but she did not believe it would work. Now she is back conducting business but being in the same room as Adam, might involve some pleasure.

Adam Thomas is a real estate rehabber. Eight months ago the woman who rocked his world just ran away with no explanation. Now she is back and he demands answers.

Becky thought Adam was sexy as all get out when she entered the bar. She was running away from something and he just happened to be there. Adam has been searching for Becky for eight months. Why did she just walk away especially when they had wicked, exotic and fantastic passion? The next thing he is told she is in conference room 3. Adam learns she is with The Shipman Project with the McHugh rehab contract. Now he is set to work with her but first he needs answers. The memories of being with her will not leave his mind and he intends on showing her the romance they shared is real. He wants her in his life. Can Becky accept the fact he is really in love and it was not a one night stand? Adam can give her endless love only if she will open her heart to him.

I adored the way All About Adam is written. I loved Becky and Adam. If someone cared for me and searched for me as much as Adam did for Becky, I would not easily let him go. I could understand her frustrations wondering if it really did mean anything but sometimes the heart speaks first and one is not always prone to follow their first instinct. This is a charming story that shows the depth and power of endless love.

Man at the Door

Erin McHugh is famous but not in the way she wishes. All she wants is to fix up her house, get out of the spotlight of reporters and open an art studio.

Ray Hammond is a job foreman with his own personal spotlights that he keeps to himself. He can repair anything and do just about any job, especially showing Erin how she can accept who she is and be happy.

Erin really wants the quiet life free of reporters. She grows tired of running every time her parent’s lifestyle makes the news. Ray has his own secrets that he does not share with Erin. While working on a construction project he would love to move in with her so work would be closer. Erin is not certain about being with him all the time. Ray admits he will have his own room but will keep the door unlocked in case she wishes to enter. They have different backgrounds, in a different limelight, not to mention a seven-year-age difference, and with all their friends preparing for weddings, Erin wonders where her direction will go with Ray if they share not only working together, but living arrangements. Ray considers his feelings for Erin. They have a great relationship but Ray feels all thumbs when they are together. Erin would like for them to be more than civil acquaintances. Can they finally break free from their shells and admit their love for the other?

Man at the Door has delightful characters that seem to have this on again, off again love feeling as they try to fend off the other. I like the slight tension they give to each other. It was vibrant and shows how deep their love grows. I felt their chemistry oozing every time they were together. I love Erin and Ray’s spirit and how they react with each other.

Hard As Nails is a collection of three hot tales that entice the reader with every turn of the page. All the minor characters enhance the stories keeping it moving at a good pace that the reader feels like they are part of the growing family. HelenKay Dimon spins some remarkable stories not only sprinkled with some humor but some beautiful women and sexy, hot men that see a good thing and go after it, as they learn to let go and follow their heart.

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