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ISBN# 978-981-05-8442-9
April 2007
StarDust Press
86 Pages
Erotic Paranormal, Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Isabella Reynolds has inherited a luxurious historical home in Montague County, Texas, where her granny grew up. It is rumored the first owner, Elijah, was hanged on Halloween and his fiancée, Maggie, can still be heard crying beneath the hanging tree.

The ghost of Elijah Whick has wandered the house since his death. If he tries to reach out to anyone, they are terrified and run away. When he sees Isabella, he is certain his fiancée, Maggie, has returned.

Isabella is excited to be the owner of a lovely plantation home. She does not believe all her granny’s stories about the house being haunted, and especially not the part about her being a possible reincarnation of Elijah’s fiancée, Maggie. Still, the rumor is, Maggie’s soul will return and free Elijah’s spirit. Elijah’s shade exists in a painting which Isabella has yet to see. Once Isabella arrives, Elijah keeps a close watch over her. When he finally presents himself, Isabella is shocked. She assures him she is not Maggie and refuses to be near him. After her friends refuse to visit her in the house, Isabella feels lonely and turns to Elijah. Isabella does not understand what is happening and when Elijah refuses to leave her side, she wonders if she is really Maggie returning home or only there to fulfill Elijah’s passion.

Haunted Embrace captured my heart with the amazing characters of Elijah and Isabella. The paranormal elements and the theme of the plot lent much ambience, carrying the reader into the tale. Terra Kent weaves a ghost that breathes with life in these pages. I could feel the chemistry and emotions between Isabella and Elijah. Ms. Kent lures the reader into this spellbinding read and holds tight. She creates an extraordinary, magical read that made my heart leap.

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