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ISBN#: 978-0-9820025-0-6
October 2008
Rogue Phoenix Press
93 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Alexa Culver will be retiring from her position of Mayor of Palmdale in a matter of weeks. She is looking forward to her new life far from the stresses of small town politics.

An unknown killer is using a local spa as his killing ground. His ingenious method is almost undetectable.

Two rival spas are competing for a local mineral spring to enhance their treatments. It is a friendly rivalry until a client is found dead in the Vitamin Terrace of one of the spas. Alexa and the local police department must determine the mode and identity of the murderer, and the perpetrator of fraud regarding rights to the privately owned mineral spring.

There is not much mystery in this story. The method of murder and the murderer are revealed early on, but the setting of a health spa is a unique one and the subplot regarding the ownership and rights over the mineral spring sparked some interest. The author has created some memorable characters and the rivalry between the two spa owners is fierce. There were a few points that I did not understand, but they were really not that important. This is a light and enjoyable story. Alexa certainly ends her tenure as mayor with a great deal of flair.

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