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ISBN Not Available
August 2005
Grace Publishing
81 Pages
Inspirational Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lindsay Harte is the plain daughter of a rancher in 1880’s Wyoming. She prays to God to find her a husband. Jake Tanner arrives to work for her father. He is not a Christian, which is a necessity in her choice. Lindsay hopes to change that.

Jake Tanner is a cowboy without a home or family. He comes to work at The Harte of Gold Ranch and falls in love with Lindsay Harte, daughter of the owner. He does not realize that in order to marry Lin, he has to be a Christian, and this makes him angry enough to break off the courtship.  

A young woman who considers herself too plain to attract a suitor asks God to find her a husband. God sends her a man who is a non believer, but perfect in every other way. They struggle through their differences until a tragedy changes Jake’s beliefs and brings them together.

This is my first experience with an inspirational type romance. The characters are well described, as is the setting. The plot is well written and overall it is a good story if a little too melodramatic for my personal taste.

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