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ISBN: #1555-547X
October 2005
Midnight Showcase
E-Book / $4.99
Print / $12.92
169 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The Promise by K.B. Ross

Bethany only has one desire and that is to be President of the company in which she works. She has no time for Christmas and no time to agree to marry John. She is not ready to give up her dream. She sets off to tell him no when an accident happens. Can she keep her promise to him or break his heart?

John loves Bethany and understands her desires to fulfill her dream. He stands behind her one hundred percent. He is on his way to give her a ring when tragedy strikes. Can the miracle of Christmas give them something to live for or separate their love forever?

Ms. Ross has written an incredible charming story that gives thought. I fell in love with the characters of Bethany and John. She was strong in her beliefs to fulfill her dreams and he was compassionate enough to see her through it no matter what obstacles lay in their path. This story will touch your heart in a lesson that is often times learned the hard way.    

Spellbound at Midnight by Isabelle Kane and Audrey Tremaine

Viole has just been commissioned for a job in New Orleans to restore an old house. She has no idea the eccentric old woman expects her to remove a curse from the home when she discovers Voile’s ancestors. But one of the grandsons, Charles, tells her not to meddle with his grandmother’s requests while Lucien, another grandson, simply takes her breath away.

Lucien is smitten with Viole and glad that his grandmother has brought her to New Orleans to begin work. She is the only one that can eliminate the curse. But Lucien wants her in his life always, not just to remove a curse. Can they have a life together or will Charles’ threats put a stop to their love?

Isabelle Kane and Audrey Tremaine have written a short story that gave me a few chills, especially when the woman ran from the graveyard. This story will make you think. It put me in the center of New Orleans with everything the spirit of the old city has to offer. The characters and the scenery mesmerized me, as everything seemed to jump off the pages creating a believable story.   

Out on A Limb by Marguerite Turnley

Blake Delainy is afraid of heights after being in some hair-raising accidents. When he has to go out to retrieve a helpless cat dangling from a tree, it is something he does not look forward to. But when his beautiful distraction, the neighbor next door, lends her help, love is in the air.  

Elvina Scott felt something for Blake and offered to go and get the cat. She used to work at a fire station and ladders do not bother her, just the thought of climbing a tree and the branch breaking or insects crawling on her body. She is secretly smitten with Blake and would love to get the taste and feel of those strong hands of his. When she practically falls in his arms, can she finally face her fears and get to know this man a little more?

Ms. Turnley gives us a cleverly written story that was an absolute delight to read. It held my attention and I really enjoyed the characters of Blake and Elvina. This short story was cute because it showed that there are real people out there that have little episodes that make them feel like they are not good enough for others, when in reality, no one is really perfect.

Veil of Magic by Amanda McIntyre

Sabrina DuChein hates the haunted house fund raisings. When she spots a man with a chainsaw coming at her eight-year-old nephew, she does the first thing that comes to mind; she strikes him hard. After she is dragged to a fund raiser to bid on some handsome hunks, she has no idea that the man she hurt at the haunted house is the one that sends her head spinning. When she wins him in the auction and spends a week with him, she wonders if she has finally found her Mr. Right.

Reese Hunter had no idea one little gal could swing such a hard punch. Now he agrees to being auctioned off at a fundraiser to raise money for the Little League field. When he sees the girl who put him in a sling, he sets out to make sure she wins him for a whole week. He never imagined he would end up losing his heart in the process.  

Ms. McIntyre has written an enchanting story. Sabrina and Reese were enjoyable characters searching for that one love and when they were finally smitten they decided to go for the real thing at any price to keep them always in their life.

All I Want by Jennifer D. Bokal

Sarah wants a little spice in her life and a nice little trip especially for the holidays is just the thing. But what she gets is an invasion of related relatives, all with a mind of their own. She is up to her neck with a self-centered sister who needs to be more understanding with her husband, and her own husband, Jake, who decides he wishes to get amorous with a pair of handcuffs at the most impromptu times.

Ms. Bokal had me absolutely in stitches with this story. The part where Sarah is dog tired and only wishes to get some sleep and her husband expects some grandeur passion had me laughing out loud.  I could almost see the scene with Jake on the bed with the dirty hamper full of clothes scattered on his body trying to hide the evidence from his mother.

I look forward to more from this great writer; she really knows how to put spice and laughter into a story. Ms. Bokal has outdone herself with this delightful piece in more ways than one.  A humorous story that will have you rolling on the floor in laughter. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. I want more stories like this from Jennifer D. Bokal. I loved this short piece.

This anthology by these talented authors keeps you fascinated until the last page. I enjoyed the stories immensely and could not put the book down. Each author leaves you breathless and begging for more with sizzling stories that truly please.

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